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May 23, 2014

By now those of  you that regularly follow my blog probably feel like you have seen enough of them, but I would be remiss not to share Joy & Sedric’s Austin, TX wedding at Vintage Villas! The location itself was extremely nice and sat on a hill that yielded a flat out ridiculous view of Lake Travis!  I am not sure if it was just a crazy month in terms of weather in March, but the whole day looked like it was going to rain until right before the ceremony was set to begin. Then, just five minutes before the music began to play, the sun decided to peak through! It was extremely nice! Joy & Sed can only be described as the perfect couple! Their love for each other was extremely prevalent and the support & love generated by their friends and family made it a complete Joy (no pun intended) to be a part of!



May 15, 2014

On a the same day that we shot Joy and Sedric’s engagement session, we also shot Joy’s Austin Texas bridal session. If you managed to miss the images from their engagement session you should check it them out in our recent blog post. If you did see them, then you saw that the day turned out to be a beautiful day. It did not start that way by any means. From the moment that Joy arrived at the W to begin preparing for her bridal session, it seemed as though she brought the sun with her. She immediately brightened our day literally and figuratively. I know it sounds cheesy, but she is truly a Joy to be around. By the time she was ready to begin shooting, all the mist, clouds, and even the cold temperature had disappeared and all that was left was a beautiful day and gorgeous bride. Here are a few of the images from our session.Dallas-wedding-photographer_128 Dallas-wedding-photographer_129 Dallas-wedding-photographer_131 Dallas-wedding-photographer_132 Dallas-wedding-photographer_133 Dallas-wedding-photographer_136 Dallas-wedding-photographer_135 Dallas-wedding-photographer_137 Dallas-wedding-photographer_139 Dallas-wedding-photographer_140

May 05, 2014

Happy Monday! Recently, Tamika and I got to meet with a beautiful couple near the new Perot Museum for their downtown Dallas Texas engagement session. That couple was Jude and Clara who will be getting married this fall in Fort Worth. We are extremely excited about their wedding as they are such a fun loving couple to be around. Spending what turned out to be a gorgeous afternoon was such a pleasure! We really got a chance to see how much they enjoy being with each other and how much fun they love to have with each other during our time at the museum. We literally cannot wait for their wedding! Here are a few of the images from our session.

Dallas-wedding-photographer_104 Dallas-wedding-photographer_105 Dallas-wedding-photographer_106 Dallas-wedding-photographer_107 Dallas-wedding-photographer_108 Dallas-wedding-photographer_109 Dallas-wedding-photographer_110 Dallas-wedding-photographer_111 Dallas-wedding-photographer_112 Dallas-wedding-photographer_113 Dallas-wedding-photographer_114 Dallas-wedding-photographer_115 Dallas-wedding-photographer_116 Dallas-wedding-photographer_117 Dallas-wedding-photographer_118 Dallas-wedding-photographer_119 Dallas-wedding-photographer_120 Dallas-wedding-photographer_121 Dallas-wedding-photographer_122 Dallas-wedding-photographer_123 Dallas-wedding-photographer_124 Dallas-wedding-photographer_125 Dallas-wedding-photographer_126 Dallas-wedding-photographer_127

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