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August 21, 2014

Chrystal and David’s North Texas Wedding at the Chapel at Ana Villa was extremely nice. The couple decided to have a New Orleans style reception. Chapel at Ana Villa made for a good backdrop. The venue itself offers a nice size ballroom and lovely Chapel for receptions. It also includes an outdoor courtyard that provides a good place for cocktail hour. Hope you guys enjoy the images from their wedding. Dallas-wedding-photographer_321Dallas-wedding-photographer_290 Dallas-wedding-photographer_291Dallas-wedding-photographer_322chapel at ana villa weddingchapel at ana villa wedding Dallas-wedding-photographer_292 Dallas-wedding-photographer_293 Dallas-wedding-photographer_294 Dallas-wedding-photographer_295 Dallas-wedding-photographer_296 Dallas-wedding-photographer_297 Dallas-wedding-photographer_298 Dallas-wedding-photographer_299Dallas-wedding-photographer_301chapel at ana villa north texas wedding chapel at ana villa wedding chapel at ana villa wedding chapel at ana villa north texas wedding chapel at ana villa north texas wedding chapel at ana villa north texas wedding Dallas-wedding-photographer_307 Dallas-wedding-photographer_308 Dallas-wedding-photographer_309Dallas-wedding-photographer_310chapel at ana villa weddingchapel at ana villa weddingDallas-wedding-photographer_316Dallas-wedding-photographer_315chapel at ana villa north texas wedding

August 07, 2014

This past June Tamika and I were honored to be a small part of Joseph and Tiffany’s Beach Palace Cancun destination wedding!  We have both known the couple for a few years and this wedding really has been a long time coming. So much so, that it really felt more like a party than a wedding. Of course, that also could have due to the open bar, random tequila shots beginning at noon each day, or the shear fact that we were away in Mexico. Because the truth is, the only thing we love more than our weddings are our travels. Despite all that, I like to think that everyone was on high from the pure joy of seeing such a wonderful couple that we have loved and cared for finally tie the knot! Tears were flowing (especially from Tamika) almost as much as the drinks and reached a climax when Tiffany’s daughter Cindy expressed her love for Joseph and their “new” family! All and all we felt lucky to be a part of such a special day at the Beach Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico and hope you enjoy the images we were able to capture.Dallas-wedding-photographer_187 Dallas-wedding-photographer_188 Dallas-wedding-photographer_189Dallas-wedding-photographer_191 Dallas-wedding-photographer_192 Dallas-wedding-photographer_193 Dallas-wedding-photographer_194Dallas-wedding-photographer_196Beach Palace Cancun Destination Wedding Beach Palace Cancun Destination Wedding Dallas-wedding-photographer_198Dallas-wedding-photographer_200 Dallas-wedding-photographer_201 Dallas-wedding-photographer_202Dallas-wedding-photographer_199 Beach Palace Cancun Destination Wedding Dallas-wedding-photographer_204 Dallas-wedding-photographer_205 Dallas-wedding-photographer_206 Dallas-wedding-photographer_207 cancun wedding cancun wedding Beach Palace Cancun Destination Wedding Beach Palace Cancun Destination Wedding Dallas-wedding-photographer_212 cancun wedding Dallas-wedding-photographer_215 Dallas-wedding-photographer_216 Dallas-wedding-photographer_217 Dallas-wedding-photographer_218 Dallas-wedding-photographer_219 Dallas-wedding-photographer_220 Dallas-wedding-photographer_221 Dallas-wedding-photographer_222 Dallas-wedding-photographer_223 Dallas-wedding-photographer_224 Dallas-wedding-photographer_225 Dallas-wedding-photographer_227 Dallas-wedding-photographer_228 Dallas-wedding-photographer_229

July 30, 2014

This past April, Tamika and I were privileged enough to shoot a Blanton Museum of Art wedding in Austin, TX turned out to be a very joyful, creative, and unique experience that we really enjoyed. Tamra, a former basketball player and graduate from the University of Texas, Austin had the type of southern charm you hope for when you meet for the first time. She was very outspoken and had the intensity you would expect from a collegiate level athlete. But, was also extremely polite as she encouraged us be as creative as we wanted and to do whatever necessary to get the shots we need. Which you know we love! Rob, on the other hand was definitely more reserved, however extremely gracious and welcoming upon our arrival. I think a bit of their demeanor reminded Tamika of ourselves as she constantly commented “they are such a beautiful couple!”. The wedding decor was amazing! The Blanton Museum of Art‘s blue wall provided an amazing background for their ceremony and reception which was decorated with all sorts of creative details chosen by Tamra herself. However, more important than the decor was heavy presence of love during the wedding!  It exuded from all the guest, but was most felt from Tamra and Rob themselves! We were extremely happy to be a part of this wedding and hope that you guys enjoy some of my favorite images from their wedding below.

blanton museum of art wedding   Dallas-wedding-photographer_239 Dallas-wedding-photographer_234Dallas-wedding-photographer_235Dallas-wedding-photographer_238Dallas-wedding-photographer_242 Dallas-wedding-photographer_243   Dallas-wedding-photographer_230 Dallas-wedding-photographer_231 Dallas-wedding-photographer_232 blanton museum of art wedding Dallas-wedding-photographer_244 Dallas-wedding-photographer_245 blanton museum of art wedding Dallas-wedding-photographer_247 Dallas-wedding-photographer_248 Dallas-wedding-photographer_249 blanton museum of art wedding blanton museum of art wedding Dallas-wedding-photographer_252blanton museum of art wedding Dallas-wedding-photographer_254 Dallas-wedding-photographer_255 Dallas-wedding-photographer_257 Dallas-wedding-photographer_258 Dallas-wedding-photographer_259 Dallas-wedding-photographer_261   Dallas-wedding-photographer_262Dallas-wedding-photographer_282 Dallas-wedding-photographer_283 Dallas-wedding-photographer_284 Dallas-wedding-photographer_286 Dallas-wedding-photographer_287    Dallas-wedding-photographer_263 Dallas-wedding-photographer_281Dallas-wedding-photographer_264 Dallas-wedding-photographer_265 Dallas-wedding-photographer_269 Dallas-wedding-photographer_270 Dallas-wedding-photographer_272 Dallas-wedding-photographer_273 Dallas-wedding-photographer_275 Dallas-wedding-photographer_276 Dallas-wedding-photographer_266 Dallas-wedding-photographer_267 Dallas-wedding-photographer_268 Dallas-wedding-photographer_279Dallas-wedding-photographer_277Dallas-wedding-photographer_289Dallas-wedding-photographer_288

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